Friday, March 25, 2022

The Other (Not So) Great Hiatus

Hello everyone!  Season 16 of Lady Penelope’s Odyssey is finally back, after an unforeseen and unprecedented mid-season hiatus of SIX months… Yes, the last time we played was back in September 2021 – which now seems like another era entirely.

So why such a long break?  In early December, I suffered a vascular stroke, which led me to six weeks of hospitalization (with restricted visits because of the COVID situation) and left me with a half-paralyzed right arm and right leg. I was very lucky, though, since I suffered no cognitive, memory or linguistic damage. The old brain is still here and fully working. As for the body, well, I’m on the mend. I can walk and type again but other fine-motor activities and things like long walks are still very difficult – but I’ll spare you the ugly details.

As far as our DW campaign was concerned, this unfortunate incident robbed us of our 2021 Xmas Special, on which I had just begun to work when the stroke hit. Needless to say, playing a Xmas Special six months after Christmas would have been slightly silly – and perhaps a bit too emotional for Sylvie and I, considering the way last Christmas turned out (or should I say did NOT turn out). So I’ve scrapped the intended story and cooked up something new to re-launch our interrupted season. We’ll play it in a week or so. See you then!