Sunday, March 31, 2013

Season 5, Episodes 9-10

One of the main themes of our ongoing fifth season is the foundation of Avalon, a sanctuary world destined to become the haven of the last Time Lords in the post-Gallifrey universe - an essential part of the continuity of the entire series, since the "dream of Avalon" was introduced in the very first episodes of the campaign. The last two episodes were directly tied to this theme, as well as to the underlying plotline of the season (which is all about old enemies coming back from oblivion).

Episode 9: Everlasting Flame
Another busy week for Penelope. 1) Take care of some unfinished business in 2013 Britain (and make UNIT mad at you). 2) Gather the pieces of a foreboding puzzle with the Doctor. 3) Return to Karn, rescue the last two Sisters and bring them back to Avalon – with the Flame!

Episode 10: The Curse of Mortimus
Once upon a time, there was a madman with a box… As suspicions and tensions threaten to tear apart the fledgling alliance of the last five Time Lords, Penelope uncovers the unlikely truth about the former Time Meddler. A tale of wracking guilt, compassion and trust.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Season 5, Episodes 6-8

Episode 6: Ghosts of Gallifrey
There is trouble brewing at the manor of Lungbarrow. As the reawakened Matrix starts to encroach on the new reality of Avalon, the Time Lady and the Doctor must face the ghosts of Gallifrey – and discover the final truth about the vision and legacy of Penelope’s father…

Episode 7: Face of the Future
The Face of Boe has spoken. It is time for Jack Harkness to follow his final destiny and take leave of the new Time Lords - until they meet again, for one last time. Places to go, people to see, old plans to change and new problems to solve… All in a day’s work  for a Time Lady!

Episode 8: Heart of Darkness
Stranded in 21st century London after a quantum storm, Lady Penelope and ex-Harkness Irregular Edward Wilberforce join forces with UNIT and Torchwood (well, more or less) to track down the last remnants of the Forge and save Britain from the terror of the Dark.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Season 5, Episodes 4-5

Yesterday we've played the second half of a two-parter set in Ancient Egypt - a setting I've wanted to explore for quite some time now. I chose to use a more Classic Who approach to this story, with a longer exposition phase. Breaking the story into two game sessions allowed us to explore the historical setting more deeply than with a single session episode, a format which I find closer to the faster pace of New Who episodes. Mixing the two approaches in play really gives you a lot of creative freedom and flexibility.

Back to the story we played yesterday evening, we were really happy with the final result; in actual play, the scenario provided many memorable moments, including a great conversation with Osirians (Anubis and Bastet, no less) and a very moving (if short-lived) romance between Lady Penelope and the pharaoh Akhenaten, which made the tragic ending of the monarch's reign even more poignant. Anyway, here are the blurbs... 

Episode 4: Son of the Sun
Penelope takes Bernice to Egypt during the early reign of Amenhotep IV, better known to history as the heretic pharaoh Akhenaten, husband to Nefertiti and inventor of monotheism. Desire meets destiny in this tale of palace intrigue, false gods and hidden truths.

Episode 5: The Sands of Sutekh
A mysterious temporal mishap takes Penelope to the final year of Akhenaten’s reign, as the heretic pharaoh and his fabled City of the Horizon are about to face the wrath of Amun-Ra, the god he has forsaken – or so the priests say… The truth, of course, is much more sinister.