Sunday, April 26, 2020

Season 14, Episode 13

Episode 13: Burning Bright
After being ambushed by a Weeping Angel, Penelope finds herself stranded, alone and TARDIS-less, in 1827 London… But Time works in mysterious ways and a good Samaritan soon offers help and hospitality to the “lost traveler”. His name is William Blake – visionary artist and man of faith, madman and sage. Together, they will battle the Power of the Abyss…

We had a fabulous time!  This proved to be an extremely moving episode, with great moments of emotion and humanity – as well as some memorable classic horror, as Lady Penelope and William Blake faced some terrifying Haemovores… which they managed to defeat, thanks to Blake’s indomitable (if bizarre) faith and to Penelope’s unique connection to the Eternal Flame – a real “blast from the past”, taking us back to season 7, when Lady Penelope was battling Fenric and his minions.

The moment when Sylvie realized that Penelope’s good Samaritan was not just a weird guy called Mr. Blake but was in fact the famous visionary artist was invaluable – the perfect mix of incredulity, bafflement and wonder.

Penelope’s estrangement from her beloved TARDIS changed quite a few things, adding an extra layer of emotion and humanity to the story… but in the end, her TARDIS came to fetch her back, piloted by none other than the Doctor himself!  And now, time is running out; together with the Doctor, Penelope must find a way to prevent a disaster of metaphysical magnitude – the rebirth of Kronos himself!  Here comes the season finale…

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