Sunday, April 19, 2020

Season 14, Episodes 11 & 12 - and some stuff about the Angels!

Episode 11: Sanctuary
On her way to New Byzantium in the 42nd century, Penelope catches a distress call coming from a 22nd century starship… not from space but from within the vortex itself!  After rescuing the crew from certain death, the Time Lady and Alecta soon discover that the family of four is obviously hiding something. A tale of shattered pasts, guilty consciences and hard choices…

Episode 12: Race Against Time
Following her arrival on New Byzantium with Alecta and the Andersons, Penelope once again meets the enigmatic Velkis, who are waiting for her with some very important information to impart. Ancient secrets are revealed, patterns emerge, seemingly unconnected events come into perspective… and Something Terrible is about to happen somewhere in Time and Space.

Episode 11 was full of emotion and great interactions with NPCs – and unless I’m mistaken, it’s probably our first episode ever which took place entirely (well, almost) inside the TARDIS. It also acted as the perfect “scene-setter” for episode 12, which was one of those tricky pre-finale episodes where apparently unconnected events from the soon-to-be-finished season lock themselves together to reveal the Big Picture. In this case, Penelope learned two very essential facts:

1) The Weeping Angels are actually Kronos himself, whose essence had been scattered during the Time War by the Guardians of the Universe (unbeknownst to everyone else, of course); they couldn’t destroy him so they reshaped him as the weird, quantum-locked species we’ve all come to love. Incidentally, I confess I was quite proud of this bit of alternate retcon – which really does make some sense (in terms of powers as well as in terms of appearance).

2) Kronos is planning to Become One once again and the Weeping Angels were after Penelope – or her TARDIS?  She didn’t really have the time to reflect upon this, since the episode ended with our Time Lady thrown back in time by a Weeping Angel... 

When and where will she end up?  We’ll find out in episode 13 (i.e. next Saturday). See you soon!

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