Saturday, May 9, 2020

Season 14, Episodes 14-15

Season 14 (aka "The Wings of Time") has ended tonight!  Here are the blurbs for its two final (and quite memorable) episodes!

Episode 14: The Prague Convergence
Hoping to rescue Alecta from the thrall of Kronos before he is reborn as a single, godlike entity, Lady Penelope and the Doctor arrive in 1913 Prague, where the Weeping Angels are gathering en masse for the Great Event. In the Café Louvre, Franz Kafka direct them to the enigmatic Kronos Institute, where a man from the future is attempting to rewrite history...

Episode 15: Facing Kronos
Avalon is the only thing that stands between the Weeping Angels Gestalt and their final rebirth as the omnipotent Kronos. The only way to stop them would be to rewrite their very reality using the Key of Time, recreated by the Doctor through the mathematical magic of block transfer computation. It is now time for Lady Penelope to face Kronos – or die trying…

Perhaps more than any other, this fourteenth season was full of twists and surprises, with Penelope’s choices and actions having a major impact on the overall continuity – like when she decided to take the Comte de Saint-Germain on board of her TARDIS for a few adventures in space and time… or when she did the same for Alecta (the daughter of Rassilon and a major NPC in the previous season – and probably in the next one, too).

The “metaplot” of the season (i.e. Kronos’ scheme to be reborn as a single, almighty entity, as opposed to his current incarnation as the Weeping Angels) also ran exceedingly well; with a bit of judicious retcon and improvisation here and there, it was (in one form or another) present in most episodes, without ever being too blatant, gaining critical momentum as the season entered its final tier.

And we had a very moving epilogue, which saw Lady Penelope attending the funeral of William Blake. Her decisive encounter with the visionary artist (in episode 13) was one of the high points of the season and left a profound mark on Penelope (and her player too).

Last but not least, episode 14.15 was also our 199th episode. Yes, that’s right: our next scenario will be Penelope’s 200th adventure, which is quite a milestone - but then, we’ve been playing for more than 10 years…  At this point in time, I don't know if we'll play Episode 200 as a one-off special or as “Episode 15.1”… but I’ve already started thinking about it. I'd like to do something special and unique for this occasion – and NO, for obvious reasons, it won’t be a “multiple Penelope” episode.

That being said, I’ll update my blog in the meantime; I’m currently working on the fifth edition of the Temporal Toybox… and before that, I’ve got some pretty nifty and radical house rules in store. See you soon!

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