Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The Temporal Toybox 2.0

The revised, updated and augmented version of THE TEMPORAL TOYBOX, my collection of house rules for the wonderful Doctor Who: Adventures In Time And Space RPG is now available online. Just click HERE (or on the image below or on the link in the left column) to download the PDF.

The Temporal Toybox is an exclusively non-profit, unofficial, fan-made supplement, written by a DWAITAS gamemaster for the enjoyment of other GMs and players. Most of the contents are taken from the pages of this blog, but some of it has been revised and expanded for the occasion. So, speaking of contents, what do the 16 pages of the Toybox PDF actually contain?

- Optional rules, new skills and profound thoughts about technology, science and knowledge.

- Variant rules for perception, feats of strength and (of course) something on Story points.

- Variant combat rules – no, don’t run! We are talking quicker and simpler fight scenes here!

- Alternate fear rules – you know, scary monsters, hiding behind the sofa and all that…

- Variant rules and various thoughts on NPCs in the DWAITAS game system.


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