Sunday, April 12, 2015

Season 8 Finale

So we've finally wrapped up the eighth (and longest) season of Lady Penelope's Odyssey, with a couple of extra episodes. Pieces have finally fallen into place, questions have been answered, loose ends have been tied - and I've already been gathering ideas for season 9. See you soon - for some new adventures in space and time!

Episode 14: Farewell, Alexandria
One year ago, the Book of the Gods vanished from Alexandria, taken away by the mysterious stranger calling herself the Time Lady. One year ago, destiny took a turn and history was put back on track – or was it?  One year ago, Penelope had a different face. A tale of unfinished business, unfulfilled dreams and unwritten history - an epilogue and a new beginning.

Episode 15: Reichenbach
Season finale. Bad news bring Lady Penelope back to Avalon. There is something wrong with the Doctor. But WHAT exactly is that “something”? A shadow from the past?  A ghost from the future?  A dark reflection of everything he has ever been?  The Book is the Key, the Book has always been the Key and Time will soon come full circle, from Gallifrey to Reichenbach…

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