Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Season 8, Episodes 5-6

The eighth season of Lady Penelope's Odyssey has come to a small mid-season break. Since the ending of episode 6 really felt, in actual play, like a conclusion of sorts, I've decided to change some of my plans for the second half of the season, following some new ideas and consequences from actual play (it's one of the advantages of RPGs over TV series: you can arrange, modify and "fine-tune" things as you go along, and you don't HAVE to keep some season-long, overarching plot device in store). For these reasons, I've abandoned the proposed season title of "Paradigm Shift" - I'll go for a retroactive title, once we've played the season finale, or perhaps no season title at all (after all, Doctor Who does not have season titles).

 Next episode will most probably be an Xmas special of some sort, acting as the perfect mid-season break between two six-episodes arcs (Ah! Symmetry!  I knew you hadn't abandoned me!). See you in December!

Episode 5: From Russia, With Diamonds
Saint-Petersburg, 1763. Lady Penelope and Edward Wilberforce, now a Timewatch operative, investigate the mysterious disappearance of their friend countess Katarina “Kitty” Kazakovna at the court of Catherine the Great. A tale of deceit and power, featuring clockwork droids, psychic jewels and the Ascended Master himself, the Count of Saint-Germain.

Episode 6: The Question
Who was the mysterious Gallifreyan personage only remembered as “the Other”?  What role did he play in the grand discoveries of Rassilon and the founding of Time Lord society?  Who unleashed the Moment that ended it all ? Can a Destroyer also be a Creator?  WHO IS THE DOCTOR? Tonight, Lady Penelope gets ALL the answers (as well as some new questions).

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  1. The television series may not have season titles, but I love seeing your game's season titles! They serve to suggest the dominant themes of these tantalizing story arcs. Here's hoping you come up with one for the second half of the season.