Saturday, September 13, 2014

Season 8, Episodes 1-4

Synchronicity!  This was, of course, completely unplanned, but Sylvie and I began our 8th season of Lady Penelope's Odyssey roughly at the same date as the 8th season of you-know-who - and we've even played our fourth episode tonight...  Here are the blurbs for episodes 1-4.

Season 8

Episode 1: The Lost Woman
How could a chance meeting with Lady Penelope turn Christina Rossetti, poetess, sister of the great Dante Gabriel and living enigma into a prophesying time-sensitive?  Who are the Goblin Men?  Who is the little girl in the labyrinthine House of Time?  And, of course, who is the Doctor? A Pre-Raphaelite story of visions, secrets and redemption.

Episode 2: The Book of Time
While doing some temporal tourism in 240 BC Alexandria, Lady Penelope visits the fabled Great Library – and soon discovers the existence of a book that should not be there. Or anywhere else, for that matter. A tale of secret passages, treasured dreams and  false gods. Knowledge is power - and time is of the essence.

Episode 3: Brother’s Keeper
Having been hijacked by the mysterious Book of Time, Lady Penelope’s TARDIS takes her to a labyrinthine, majestic and utterly lonely place known as the Braxiatel Collection, full of lost treasures, forgotten memories and relics of times past. But who is the master of this house of secrets?  Questions, answers – and more questions.

Episode 4: Pandora’s Box
Penelope and Mortimus return to the Braxiatel Collection – but the Time Lady soon finds out that Something Is Not Quite Right. Who is the real ghost in the machine? Can a piece of forgotten history come back to haunt and possess the last heirs of Gallifrey?  And how exactly do you put Pandora back into her box?

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