Sunday, December 28, 2014

A Fantastic Xmas Special!

And I'm not talking about this year's Doctor Who Xmas special (which, incidentally, was really fantastic too), but about last evening's episode of Lady Penelope's Odyssey: "The Masque of Winter", aka "The 2014 Xmas special" aka "Season 8 / Episode 7" aka "the first part of the mid-season 2014 Xmas trilogy" (which will culminate in Season 8 / Episode 9, aka... Episode 100!). We really had a great time playing this - and since it was a special episode, the blurb is slightly longer than usual.

Episode 7: The Masque of Winter
December 1607. The Thames is frozen and William Shakespeare is facing the winter of his discontent. As Lady Penelope gets reunited with the illustrious playwright, they soon discover that something wicked this way cometh. Can the Time Lady and the Bard of Albion prevent the Master of the Masque from bringing the madness of Carcosa into our reality? All the world is a stage – and it’s time for the Tempest to rise!  Also featuring Ben Jonson, the Children of Blackfriars, the first Jago, various dramatis personae and, of course, a bear.

Next stop: New Year's Eve... and after this, Episode 100, here we come!

PS: Oh, and I've finally found a suitable title for the current season - Past & Future.

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