Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Season 7, Episodes 11-13

Last night we played the thirteenth and final episode of Lady Penelope's Oddysey's seventh season, concluding "The Fenric Cycle", a quite dark and harrowing series of adventures. 

Here are the blurbs of the last three episodes:

Episode 11: Into the Maelstrom 
As the devouring darkness of the Shadow Dimension threaten the whole of time and space, Lady Penelope and Gale plunge into the heart of the maelstrom to confront Fenric on its own territory, a realm of darkness and deceit. The Children of Time to the Dark Tower came…

Episode 12: Aftermath
Fenric is no more. The nightmare is over – or is it?  As Penelope and Gale are about to discover, the final act of spite of the mad god could have greater consequences than its destruction – unless the Time Lady, carrier of the blue flame of balance, can set things right. 

Episode 13: Last of the Eternals
Penelope and Gale decide to take some time off in the cosmopolitan mega-city of New Byzantium – but someone is waiting for them here, someone who wishes to make the Time Lady an offer she can’t refuse. It’s time to meet the Last of the Eternals - and make a choice.

This seventh season has also been given a retroactive title: Forged in Flame, a direct reference to Lady Penelope's third regeneration (yes, she's now the Fourth Time Lady) and her (temporary and now expired) special link to the Blue Flame of Balance, which acted as a major dramatic force throughout the Fenric Cycle... but all this is over and Lady Penelope will soon reembark on a new season (next saturday, in fact) - the eighth one. Damn, our space-time Odyssey has just reached the same point as the new-Who TV series... It also means I'll have to prepare something a bit special for episode 9, since it will be Lady Penelope's 100th adventure... so we too will have our special big anniversary thingy. Vortex, here we come!  

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