Sunday, May 4, 2014

Season 7, Episodes 8-10

Continuing the Fenric Cycle...

Episode 8: Darkness Ex Machina 
Maiden’s Point, 1993. Fifty years after the Ultima incident, dark forces from the Shadow Dimension are once again encroaching on reality. What is really going on at Project AESIR? Lady Penelope has (almost) all the answers, the will to fight – and very little time left… 

Episode 9: Entity 
4114. A lost planetoid shrouded in unnatural darkness. An ominous octahedron towering over the ruins of a mysterious necropolis. A lonely, dying dome of light. Buried horrors and forgotten secrets. Enter a team of Torchwood Archive archaeologists – and a Time Lady! 

Episode 10: The Mark of Fenric 
January 1945. The tide of history has turned and the Reich has already lost the war – unless a little man in a black uniform signs a single piece of paper, unleashing Ragnarok and plunging the world into final chaos. Will Reichsführer Himmler authorize Operation Fenric?


  1. Episode nine sounds positively chilling. What a setting for an adventure!

    1. And it was only the setting :) This scenario was my little homage to the "dark sci-fi" movies of the 80s in the Alien vein... with, of course, a distinctive "whovian" touch. And yes, it was a harrowing experience for our Time Lady heroine (who has, since then, battled - and defeated - Fenric on his own territory, right at the heart of the Shadow Dimension - another dark domain...).