Sunday, March 16, 2014

Season 7, Episodes 4-7

Season 7 of Lady Penelope's Odyssey has taken quite a turn with a new regeneration (welcome to the Fourth Lady Penelope!), a change of companion and the beginning of a yet-to-be-concluded new cycle of episodes focusing on the return of the Evil Entity known as Fenric...

Episode 4: The Great Escape
New York, 1925. Lady Penelope joins forces with Henry Gordon Jago (inimitable investigator of infernal incidents) and Harry Houdini (master magician, escapologist extraordinaire and dashing debunker of spurious séances) against invisible invaders from Yith.

THE FENRIC CYCLE (to be continued)

Episode 5: Shadow of the Wolf
Constantinople 1041 AD. The glorious Byzantine empire has begun its slow descent into decadence – unless chaos and darkness swallow it first. Will Lady Penelope manage to free Harald Hardrada from the clutches of Fenric – and save history from the Empire of the Wolf?

Episode 6: Homecoming
Fenric has awakened. After a quick stop on Avalon, the newly regenerated Lady Penelope embarks on a new race against time, with a new companion at her side – the freshly revived time traveller and ex-Wolf of Fenric formerly known as Ace. A tale of new beginnings.

Episode 7: Ghosts of Elseneur
Following the temporal trail of the Wolves of Fenric, Lady Penelope and her new companion arrive at Kronborg castle (better known as Hamlet’s Elseneur) in 1658, in a fortress besieged by the armies of Sweden. A tale of ancient evil, desperate battles and forgotten secrets.

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