Sunday, February 2, 2014

Season 7, The Ganymedian Trilogy (Story 1)

So, Lady Penelope's Odyssey has entered its seventh season... but Sylvie and I have decided to take a (slight) break from the standard, 13-episodes-by-season format inspired by the revived Doctor Who series - in order to experiment with a looser approach, closer to the structure used in the classic series: multipart stories - which, in game terms, will translate as diptychs, trilogies or even (who knows?) four-parters united by a common plotline or theme (or even, in some cases, a single setting). So here are the blurbs for the first of these new episodes.


Episode 1: The Forsaken
Lady Penelope decides to spend some time with the reformed temporal meddler Mortimus on the Eden-like world of Atala, among her dear Ganymedian friends. It’s time to uncover ancient secrets, heal old wounds and welcome a new companion on board of the TARDIS!

Episode 2: The Sontar Stratagem
The Ganymedians are doomed, destined to be slaughtered and enslaved by the brutish Sontarans - unless Penelope decides to alter the course of history. With the fates of millions in her hands, the Time Lady will have to make a choice – and live with the consequences.

Episode 3: Choices
History has been altered, the destruction of Atala has been averted – but what of the new, unwritten future?  In search of the ultimate weapon of mass protection for her Ganymedian friends, Lady Penelope must find a way to preserve their safety as well as their serenity.


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