Saturday, December 28, 2013

Season 6, Episodes 11-13

So, we've finally had the time to play our season finale, so here are the three last blurbs from the sixth season of Lady Penelope's Odyssey.

Episode 11: Gallifrey No More
Autumn has come to Avalon. As the last Time Lords are building a new society, the shadows of the past awaken in a secret gallery of Lungbarrow manor. Can Gallifrey really be reached through a 3-D painting and saved from time-locked oblivion? The answer, sadly, is NO.

Episode 12: The Dark Flame
An ominous vision from the Sisters of the Eternal Flame sends Penelope on the last surviving world of the Traken Union, a lonely, peaceful planet known as Serenity. As forgotten truths and sinister secrets are uncovered, can the Time Lady prevent a new rising of darkness?

Episode 13: Balance of Power
The power of the Dark Flame has awakened the Melkurs. As her silent army sows death and destruction over Serenity, Anaxia begins her reign of terror. With the fate of the universe hanging in the balance, Lady Penelope prepares for a final showdown with her nemesis…    

Episode 11 was of course played just a few days after the 50th Anniversary Episode and was directly inspired by it - as my own "alternate continuity" (and extremely confidential) riposte to this whole "let's save Gallifrey" three-card-trick, which left me quite dubious (and felt like a somewhat pointless deconstruction of the whole Russell T. Davies era, but I digress).

Episodes 12 and 13 were inspired by The Keeper of Traken and were also (very) loosely based on one of those awesome audiobooks from Big Finish (a "lost story" called The Guardians of Prophecy). The season finale also saw the final, terminal, no-more-regenerations-allowed end of Lady Penelope's personal nemesis, Anaxia, the daughter of the Master (well, that means that I'll just have to invent a new nemesis, then ;)).

See you soon in time and space! 

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  1. It's great to see that you presented your own spin on "The Day of the Doctor," using that story as the basis for an adventure in the alternate continuity. It sounds like a lot of fun!