Sunday, September 1, 2013

Season 6, Epsiodes 1-3

Lady Penelope's Odyssey has entered its sixth season... Here are the blurbs for the first three episodes - episode 4 and 5 should follow pretty soon (well, as soon as we've played them). Season 6 has no title - yet. I'm contemplating several possibilities, so the choice will probably be a retroactive one. Oh, and I've started another, completely different, three-player DWAITAS campaign, about which I will definitely post something sometime in the coming weeks.  In the meantime, here are the latest three-line blurbs of our favourite Time Lady's adventures... 

Episode 1: Father’s Footsteps 

It is time for Lady Penelope to get back to her TARDIS for a new series of voyages and adventures in space and time. Next stop: New Camelot, 2114 – unless, of course, some unexpected event turns up, such as the return of the vengeful daughter of the Master… 

Episode 2: Tea and Empathy 

Following her showdown with Anaxia, Penelope uncovers the dark secret behind her nemesis’ existence and welcomes a new companion on board of the TARDIS – the last of the Nephrem engineers, saved from death by the Chameleon Arch. It’s all about being human. 

Episode 3: Or Not To Be 

London, 1601. Penelope takes her new companion to the Globe for the first performance of Shakespeare’s Hamlet - but what started as a fun lesson in humanity soon turns into a darker tale of grief and guilt. Can the Time Lady save the Bard from the thrall of the Nameless King?

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