Sunday, September 15, 2013

Season 6, Episodes 4-5

Hello everybody!  Here are the two latest blurbs from our Lady Penelope's Odyssey ongoing campaign. These two episodes featured various characters, elements and references from several classic Doctor Who stories (perhaps as a semi-conscious "50th anniversary tribute" sort of thing) - Jago and Litefoot, characters from Shada, surviving Renegade Daleks from Remembrance of the Daleks, meshed with some major elements from Penelope's background and past adventures.
Episode 4: The Time Keeper

It’s “there and back again” time for Lady Penelope, from Edwardian London to Elsewhere Manor to a lonely planetoid called Shada…  Featuring Henry Gordon Jago, professor George Litefoot, the deadly Mr. Clockwise and the Time Keeper himself, the mysterious Mr. Alias.

Episode 5: Remembrance

Cambridge 1985 - Penelope goes looking for the lost memories of Professor Chronotis – but Time has another blast-from-the-past in store for her. Featuring Lord Percivale Ashworth, PM Margaret Thatcher and, for the very first time in Lady Penelope’s Odyssey, the Daleks! 

The two above episodes are part of a three-story arc focusing on the eventual (and post-Time War) fate of Professor Chronotis a.k.a Salyavin, which should logically be concluded in our next scenario... 

One last piece of information: this ongoing sixth season of Lady Penelope's Odyssey now has an official title: Timelines.

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