Thursday, May 9, 2013

Season 5, Episodes 11-13

So, the fifth season of Lady Penelope's Odyssey has come to an end last night, with a very moving season finale. Its last half was almost exclusively focused on the consolidation of Avalon as the "new Gallifrey" (or, depending on how you look at it, the "new non-Gallifrey") of the campaign setting; it involved a lot of interactions with other Time Lords: Mortimus, Susan and, of course, the Doctor himself. Memories were revived, new plans were formed, old wounds (more or less) healed and life-affecting decisions were taken.  Season 6 should start pretty soon and will probably involve more travel and adventuring through time and space - with, of course, some hidden menace slowly building up behind the scenes (I don't think we can seriously call this a spoiler). In the meantime, here are the blurbs for the three last episodes of season 5: 

Episode 11: Nemesis
Avalon is under threat. Brought back from oblivion by dark forces, the Master has once again decided to extend his dominion over the universe. Will the Heirs of Time prevail? Introducing Anaxia, the Master’s daughter – a perfect nemesis for a certain Time Lady.

Episode 12: Summer in Neverland
After the harrowing events of episode 11, Penelope and a newly regenerated Doctor take a holiday in 1908 Weston-super-mare, the place where they first met, one year and several lives ago… and get involved in a paradoxical whodunit – or is that a whendunit? An ifdunit?

Episode 13: Who is the Doctor?
Penelope and the Doctor finally return to Avalon, only to discover that another Doctor has already made it back to Lungbarrow. Which is the Doctor and which is the impostor? Is there even an impostor? Is there something rotten in Lungbarrow? And lastly, who is the Doctor?


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