Monday, May 1, 2017

Season 11, Episodes 6-7

The Quest for the Key to Time has ended with two FANTASTIC episodes!

Kudos to my player, muse, wife, soulmate & Time Lady ;)

Episode 6: The Sixth Segment
In an unexpected twist of timelines, Penelope’s quest for the final segment of the Key to Time brings her back to her beloved Vienna – but in 1934, under a very different zeitgeist. There she will meet her double, two old friends and a face from oblivion. A tale of vivid memories and forgotten realities. Featuring Sigmund Freud and the Count of Saint-Germain.

Episode 7: The Dark Dimension
The quest for the Key to Time concludes with a dolorous blow, as the Dark Dimension invades the TARDIS and the vital essence of its passengers, extending its entropic tendrils of despair around the heart and soul of Penelope’s beloved ship. Locked in January 1934, Penelope and the Doctor must find a temporary safe haven to spark their last and desperate move against the encroaching Dark. A tale of creeping shadows and points of light, featuring Albert Einstein and a box full of hope – and ending in Lady Penelope’s regeneration!

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