Sunday, April 23, 2017

Season 11, Episodes 4-5

Continuing our quest for the lost Segments of the Key to Time, mixing flavors of "Déjà Vu",  "Everything Changes" and "Deceptive Appearances" ...

Episode 4: The Enemy Within
In search of the fourth segment of the Key to Time, Lady Penelope and the Doctor arrive on the mining colony of Vulcan, where the Doctor defeated Daleks more than a hundred years ago. Yes, there are lots of corridors and yes, the base is under siege – but the enemy is already inside, waiting to appear in full light. And he calls himself… the Doctor.

Episode 5: Xanadu
Their quest for the fifth segment of the Key to Time takes Penelope and the Doctor to the fabled city of Xanadu, summer capital of the great Kublai Khan!  Surrounded by courtiers, concubines and charlatans, protected by his family circle and the imperial guard, the old emperor is now lost in a nostalgic and morbid reverie – lost in time, you might even say…

See you soon for the next (and final?) episode of the Quest!

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