Sunday, February 14, 2016

Season 9, Episodes 11-13 + Season Update

So, we played Episode 13 yesterday evening - but it soon became evident (as I had more or less foreseen) that our Lords of E-Space sequence was not over yet, so we've decided to add a couple of episodes to this ninth season of Lady Penelope's Odyssey. And since we already did that for the previous season, it looks like each new season, from now on, will consist of fifteen episodes (as opposed to only thirteen) - which will allow me, as gamemaster, to always include at least one multi-episode story arc (not just the occasional two-parter but a sequence of three, four or even five directly-connected episodes) in each season.

Anyway, here are the blurbs for episodes 11-13. Episodes 12 and 13 formed a two-parter.

Episode 11: Keep of the Tharils
Long before the Time War, Lady Romana guided the Tharils on the paths of freedom and wisdom, making them the guardians of E-Space. As the War erupted, the Tharils began their long vigil, locked up in their cross-dimensional keep, waiting for a message from Gallifrey which never came. And now a new Time Lady is about to enter Warrior’s Gate…

Episode 12: Empire of the Three
As Tharil society wavers on the brink of civil war, the TARDIS takes Penelope and Mortimus to the Celestial Citadel, at the heart of the Empire of a Thousand Worlds which now rules over all E-Space. Here, they meet the young god-emperor Arius, his Mother (also known as the Rani) and his General (formerly known as the War Chief). To be continued…

Episode 13: Alea Jacta Est
Following her daring capture of the Rani, Lady Penelope returns to the Celestial Citadel to negotiate an unlikely but necessary status quo between the Tharils and the Empire of a Thousand Worlds. But how do you convince the godchild emperor of E-space and his Time Lord General to choose the way of peace and balance?  By improvising, of course!

Lastly, we've also agreed on a title for season 9: Time, Space & Beyond ("Beyond" as in E-space, alternate continuums etc.).   

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