Sunday, January 17, 2016

Season 9, Episode 9-10

It's been more than three months since our last update - but it's now time to resume the ongoing story of the ninth season of Lady Penelope's Odyssey, with a two-parter set in an alternate 17th century which our Time Lady hadn't visited since season four...

Episode 9: Should Old Acquaintance be Forgot
The Time Lady decides to catch up with her dear friends Christopher Marlowe and Louise-Athénée, whom she has not seen in ages - three regenerations, actually. With a nostalgic Lord Ulysses at her side, Penelope returns to the alternate timeline of Reconquista and Lord of Misrule. A tale of absent friends and old acquaintances.  To be continued, of course.

Episode 10: The Banquet of Ashes
1606, Marlowe's alternate timeline. Penelope and her companions prepare to enter the secret vaults of the Vatican where their friend Louise-Athénée is imprisoned. Who is the mysterious Red Monk? Why is the heretic Giordano Bruno still alive? What sinister force manipulates the mind of Pope Victor IV?  A tale of secrets and lies, of old friends and old foes.

Like season eight, season nine will be given a title in restrospect (cannot think of one yet) - but can already be broken down into three distinct tiers of variable length:

First Tier: Travels with Trevark

Lady Penelope travels through space and time accompanied by the Neo-Time Lord-in-training Trevark, to help him complete his apprenticeship. 

9.01: City of Sighs
9.02: Tinker, Time Lord, Soldier, Spy
9.03: Days of Empire
9.04: "I am a Gallifreyan"
9.05: Last of the Mentors
9.06: Interesting Times

Second Tier: Returns & Reunions

Each of the following episode features the return of (or a reunion with) former companions of either the Doctor or Lady Penelope herself.

9.07: Stolen Pasts
9.08: Saving Zoe
9.09: Should Old Acquaintance be Forgot
9.10: The Banquet of Ashes

The third and final tier will be called (spoilers!) Lords of E-Space. See you soon on the other side of a CVE!

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