Sunday, April 15, 2012

Season 4, Episodes 1-3

So, we got our fourth season started! This new season of Lady Penelope’s Odyssey is called “the Great Game”; its most important events will be directly tied to the ongoing cosmic struggle between the Black Guardian (Chaos) and the White Guardian (Order) – a conflict which was made evident during the last episodes of the previous season; following various events of cosmic magnitude such as the destruction of Gallifrey, the Judgement of the Doctor and the reboot of the so-called Web of Time, the rules of the Great Game were slightly altered – and the agents of Equilibrium (a concept embodied by the Azure Guardian) must now keep things in check, in order to preserve the history and balance of the various continuums. The main organizing force behind these “agents of Balance” is none other than the Doctor, now in his final incarnation; his TARDIS has become a cross-time haven for all temporal adventurers of good will; he has become a true “Doctor of Time”, since his mission is now to diagnose, anticipate and heal the wounds and illnesses of Time itself. All this leaves Lady Penelope as the only roving / adventuring Time Lady – and in this fourth season, she will have to make tough choices about her own role in the grand scheme of things – or, as some prefer to call it, the Great Game.

So far, we’ve played the first three episodes:

Episode 1: Lord of Misrule

Back in Lord Christopher Marlowe’s alternate continuum, Lady Penelope finds herself locked in a deadly battle of wits against a mysterious time meddler known as Duke Prospero, to save a world where Shakespeare’s play was never written from the Tempest of the Sirens of Time.

Episode 2: Raiders of the Fallen Star

Siberia, 1920: the height of the Russian civil war. Can Lady Penelope and Edward Wilberforce uncover the secret of the 1908 Tunguska Event before the Mad Baron destroys History as we know it? A tale of warlords and exiles – with some Rutans and Sontarans, too.

Episode 3: Hearts & Minds

When she chose to salvage Countess Katia Kazakovna from the turmoil of history, Lady Penelope knew she would have to accept the responsibility and the consequences of this decision – and so did the Black Guardian. The Great Game has just entered a new phase…

See you soon for the next update!

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