Sunday, January 1, 2012

Season 3, Episodes 10-13

We've just finished playing the two-part finale of the Web of Time, the third season of Lady Penelope's Odyssey - so here are the blurbs of our last four episodes.

Episode 10: Merry Christmas, Mr Cromwell

A desperate prayer sent through space and time reaches Lady Penelope’s TARDIS, bringing her to London, on the 23rd of December 1654. Will she succeed in bringing the spirit of the season to England’s Lord Protector, Oliver Cromwell – the man who banned Christmas?

Episode 11: The Shadow Over Shanghai

Shanghai, on New Year’s Eve 1920. As a new decade dawns, Penelope joins forces with Jack Harkness and Edward Wilberforce to save the young century from a fiendish conspiracy. But time is running out – can our heroes save history before the clock strikes midnight?

Episode 12: Judgement Day

After outwitting the Black Guardian and saving everyone at Torchwood 3, Lady Penelope is finally reunited with the Doctor, who stands accused in a trial of cosmic magnitude. Featuring Captain Jack Harkness, the Valeyard and no less than four Guardians of Time.

Episode 13: Ever After

Can Lady Penelope help the Last Doctor to come to terms with some of his more painful memories – and accept his ultimate role as Warden of the Web of Time? For this, she will need all the help she can get – including that of the Doctor’s lifelong companion, his TARDIS.

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