Sunday, June 19, 2022

Lady Penelope Rides Again!

 Our sixteenth season was great - but clearly left us wanting for more, probably because its two halves had been separated by a longer time gap than usual, because of the Not So Great Hiatus. Sylvie and I were supposed to start the first season of a new campaign for another, completely different game... but in the end neither of us felt ready for this. So we decided to bring our Time Lady back far sooner than was planned - not for a seventeenth season but for a limited 'mini-series' of six heavily connected episodes (or, if you will, a trilogy of two-parters). Yes, that's right, we're going a bit FLUX here - but this mini-series will have a very different feel. I'm not divulging anything yet (SPOILERS!) but the basic premises we agreed on was to use a single historical setting, for a longer immersion than is usually the case...

I started working on the storyline one week ago or so and the ideas have been flooding in... We'll play the first episode next Saturday... A bientôt ! 


  1. Very excited to see what you get up to next. A historical deep dive sounds particularly fascinating.

  2. I really enjoy your stories. Thanks for posting