Sunday, April 17, 2022

Season 16: Episode 11

Episode 11: Lady of the Future

Cheem has been saved – but the battle has just begun!  On New Earth, Penelope and her allies have decided to strike back at Lady Cassie… but how do you fight a quasi-immortal, über-rich, mega-famous galactic icon? In the New New York Senate? At the Galactic Stock Exchange?  In the dark streets of the Undercity?  And what will be Lady Cassie’s next move?   

 As usual, a few notes about this episode:

 A direct follow-up to last week’s episode, this story had an even stronger RTD-vibe, with a serious dose of political satire and social commentary. Set in New New York, a hundred years or so after the Bliss disaster (and several decades after the Renaissance of New Earth), this episode also gave me the opportunity to play former Novice Hame (yes, I’ve decided she was still alive after all this time – this is the far, far, far future, OK?), now Mother Hame, founder of the Sanctuary (the new, post-Plenitude galactic hospital) and leader of the Church of Boe (waiting, of course, for the Face’s Second Coming).

As an extra nod to the RTD era, the story also featured a clone of Lady Penelope (à la Metacrisis Doctor), nicknamed Just Penny, created by none other than Lady Cassie herself (who else?) and whose very existence proved to be the pivotal element of the story.

In the end, Penelope resisted her urge to go all “Time Lord victorious” on Lady Cassie, wisely illustrating the proverbial saying about great power and great responsibility. A great episode, which proved quite personal and emotional in actual play.

Next week: Penelope take Dorian, Xara and Just Penny to her beloved alternate New Camelot timeline, where she intends to delve further into the mysteries of Earth Power…

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