Monday, January 18, 2021

Season 15, Episode 12

 Episode 12: The Forgotten Foe

Following the discovery of Narvin’s fob watch in the previous episode, Penelope and Gale (the neo-Time Lady formerly known as Ace) are sent on a very delicate mission (let’s call it diplomacy in enemy territory) to the forgotten, more or less time-locked home planet of the War Lords, more than 100 years have passed since the War Games… A tale of secrets and lies.

So I finally got to run a "return of the Warlords" story - I've been wanting to do this for years and it was (at last) the right time to do so. Sylvie and I had just re-watched "The War Games" so we were in the perfect mood for this one. So what happened to the Warlords during the last 100 years?

Well, cut from the rest of the universe by the Time Lords' barriers, they quickly turned their conquering tendencies against one and another and a global plantetwide civil war soon erupted, with weapons of mass destruction ravaging and poisoning most of the surface and the last, victorious faction living in a force-field-protected bastion. In addition to a semi-amnesiac Narvin (a deep infiltration mission gone wrong because of the distorsions created by the Time War), Penelope also discovered a fully grown,clone-daughter of the War Chief - an intriguing new character who will obviously have some significant impact on the season finale (three episodes left!) - wait and see.


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