Sunday, October 18, 2020

The Problem with Episode 200

 Hello everybody

Next week or so, we'll be resuming Lady Penelope's Odyssey for its 15th season!  

And as some of you might remember, I had mentioned that the very first episode of this forthcoming season would be the 200th of our campaign - something of a landmark, milestone or whatever that I intended to celebrate with a Very Special Episode (a concept which gave me hours and hours of ruminations, myriads of promising-but-eventually-doomed ideas and numerous returns to Square One...

And then I finally found a great idea for the beginning of our next season.

And then I recounted the episodes, just to be sure. And there were 200, not 199 as I had first (mis)counted. I probably forgot a Xmas special in my calculations - we'll never know.

Probably some timey-wimey interference...

So episode 200 is already behind us - it was the grand finale of season 14, with Penelope and her allies facing Kronos himself so I do think we did have a Very Special 200th Episode indeed.

And now... forward to Episode 201 !  Which will be based on Another Idea - I'm keeping the "ex-200" one in store for later (probably somewhere between episode 4 and 8, we'll see...).


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