Sunday, February 16, 2020

Season 14, Episode 4

Episode 4: The House That Was Not
1974. A team of parapsychological investigators enter Belmont Hall, aka “the most haunted house in England”, to unearth its secrets and solve its mysteries. They are soon joined by two strange interlopers, the enigmatic “George Saint-Germain” and his “assistant” Lady Penelope Ashworth), who seem to have an agenda of their own…  And then all Hell breaks loose!

As can be gathered from the above blurb, episode 4 was created as a homage to Richard Matheson’s awesome Hell House novel – but I borrowed the central idea (a monstrous, extra-dimensional entity disguised as a haunted house to lure and devour psychically-gifted individuals…) from The Haunting of Hex House, the second story of 2000 AD’s excellent The Alienist comic book horror/SF series, set in the Edwardian era (and not to be confused with the book and TV series of the same name).

Actual play was just fantastic. The pacing, the dialogue, Sylvie’s decisions… everything just flowed perfectly, with an ideal mix of quick-thinking, tough choices and improvised embellishments. A very memorable episode – which also had a very memorable epilogue. King Fenn’s psyche is now fully restored – but the special, unique link which tied his destiny to Penelope’s own fate is now unraveled. A page has been turned – and new adventures await – with the Count of Saint-Germain as Penelope’s travelling companion !  

Next stop: Atlantis!

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