Friday, July 12, 2019

Season 13, Episodes 8-10

Season 13 of Lady Penelope's Odyssey continues, with three new episodes:

Episode 8: The Gilded Age
New York, 1883. Following the departure of her travelling companion, Lady Penelope is taking a vacation in history, enjoying a glorious Indian summer in Manhattan, attending the inauguration of the Metropolitan Opera and mingling with the Whartonesque locals. And then Time Agent Cyrus Ward appeared out of nowhere, before being shot by a mysterious staser-totting assassin… The holidays are over – and the (temporal) game is afoot. 

Episode 9: Passing Ship
On her way back to Avalon, Lady Penelope intercepts a distress call from another TARDIS caught in the eye of a vortex storm created by the elusive, ubiquitous Dissonance. Rushing to the rescue, she manages to save the Corsair from certain annihilation – only to discover that the renegade Time Lord was actually chasing her on behalf of the new masters of Gallifrey. And then the Corsair starts to die, spinning the regeneration roulette once again…

Episode 10: Trial of a Time Lady
As the conflict between the two Eyes of Harmony escalates, Lady Penelope arrives on Gallifrey to face the Tribunal Supreme of the Time Lords on charges of Grand Conspiracy and Generally Being a Temporal Nuisance. Will the Time Lady and the disembodied Professor Chronotis uncover the identity of the mysterious Black Eminence before the final verdict? With the fate of Avalon hanging in the balance, it’s time for some serious courtroom drama…

(To be continued...)

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