Sunday, March 26, 2017

Season 11, Episodes 1-3

Lady Penelope’s Odyssey has entered its eleventh season, starting with a six-part quest across space and time…


The six segments of the Key to Time were supposedly lost – forever and for good, scattered at random by the Doctor himself through time and space… until the Arch of Avalon picked up echoes from the Key through the maelstrom.

Unbeknownst to the other Time Lords of Avalon, and guided by the visionary insights of her TARDIS’ resident ghost-in-the-machine, Penelope and the Doctor embark on a quest to collect the segments before they fall into the wrong hands…

Just like old times, eh?  Well, not quite. As the Time Lady and the Doctor are about to discover, the rules of the game have changed... The segments are no longer disguised as something else. And they have begun to awaken – so Time, as usual, is of the essence.

Episode 1: The Ribos Renaissance
Tracking down the first segment of the Key, Lady Penelope and the Doctor land on… Ribos! Ribos, of all places!  Can this really be a coincidence? But as our travellers are about to find out, things DO change – even on little, isolated, backwoods planets. In the end, Penelope will save the day, the Doctor and the history of Ribos – all in a day’s work for a Time Lady!

Episode 2: Lives on Mars
Their search for the second segment of the Key to Time takes Penelope and the Doctor to the red planet, where they meet the very first men on Mars (in 1914!), discover a hitherto unknown race of Martians and uncover the last secret of the Osirian Pyramid. A tale of forgotten pasts and impossible futures, of causes and consequences… Time Lady Victorious? 

Episode 3: Time Oddity
Looking for the third segment of the Key, Penelope and the Doctor land in 1973 London, in an alternate continuum where, oddly enough, everything seems to be as it should be – except for a few details, such as the existence of the enigmatic glam rock icon Damon Wilde or the death of the entire UNIT command staff. A tale of multiple personae and unique encounters.

(to be continued)

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