Saturday, November 26, 2016

Season 10, Episodes 14-15 (Finale)

So, we've played the last episode of our tenth season yesterday evening - and here are the blurbs of the two final stories.

Episode 14: A Time to Sow
Thanks to Lady Penelope’s command of the Hand of Morrolan, the temporal haven of Avalon has just escaped complete annihilation – and it is now time for its lords and guardians to learn from the past and look at the future. Can utopian dreams be preserved from the hard realities of power and responsibility? And if the Doctor does not rule over Avalon, who will?

Episode 15: The Gaze of Oblivion
Victory, survival and knowledge have something in common: they all come at a price. As the Medusa Cascade is turning into a self-aware, godlike cosmic force, Lady Penelope and the Doctor must now face the consequences of their choices and the aftermath of their actions. It is time for them to gaze into the abyss and put the final legacy of Rassilon at rest…

Since ten seasons is something of a milestone, I will soon post a recapitulation of ALL the episodes we've played so far (136, if I'm not mistaken).

Lastly, I've finally found a fitting title for this tenth season, considering the recurrence (and importance) of our dear (and now defunct) Sirens of Time, as well as numerous references to time storms, tidal waves, shipwrecks and the vortex-as-an-ocean: THE TIDES OF TIME.

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