Sunday, October 16, 2016

Season 10, Episodes 12-13


Episode 12: The Medusa Machine
Take an immense space-time rift and a planet that should not be there. Add a cosmic grand design and a time-shattering doomsday device. Mix twelve deluded Gallifreyan Monks with a demented time-sensitive Dalek - and voilĂ , instant apocalypse! Unless, of course, Lady Penelope and her allies manage to stop the Medusa Machine before it strikes midnight…

Episode 13: Deus Ex Medusa
As a Dalek Time War fleet surges out of the Medusa Cascade, the Time Lords of Avalon stand united to protect all of reality from Dalek Caan’s insane plans. With the power of the Hand of Morrolan at her command, Lady Penelope stands on the frontline of this cosmic battle, ready to destroy the Dalek kamikazes. But can she prevent the apotheosis of a mad demiurge?

These two episodes saw the climactic resolution of the whole "temporal anomalies" season theme - and also featured my own version of the Corsair (he looked like the 1980s neo-romantic popstar Adam Ant)... but the season is not over yet (still two episodes to go).    

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