Monday, July 11, 2016

Season 10, Episode 1

Lady Penelope is back for a tenth season of her odyssey in time and space. We've just played the first episode...

Episode 1: Avant-Garde
Accompanied by a most unlikely temporal tourist, the reformed renegade Time Lord Magnus (formerly known as the War Chief), Lady Penelope returns to one of her favorite time spots: Paris during the 1920s (also known locally as les années folles)… Who knows what awaits them in the City of Lights, Champagne and Surrealist Soirées? 

No season title yet - well, I DO have one in mind but that would be telling, so I keep it in store for a few episodes... And now I go back in the vortex to work on Episode 10.2, which involves a new (and unexpected) companion, Dr. Theo Reinhardt, a psychiatrist from the 1920s with a strong interest in the uncanny - a NPC whom Penelope actually first met during one of her very first adventures, back in Season One... And now, more than 100 episodes and a few regenerations later, he joins her in the TARDIS - it wasn't really planned (I just wanted to re-use this NPC as some kind of amateur investigator of strange events in the context of Episode 10.1) but it came out naturally in play, as if it had been the idea all along, even giving us a very nice final scene... It's like in the vortex, you know: you've gotta go with the flow!

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