Monday, October 21, 2013

Season 6, Episodes 6-8

Time for another series of actual-play blurbs from Lady Penelope's Odyssey...

Episode 6: A Matter of Identity
Who is the Time Keeper?  What if the Doctor had been wrong all along?  To solve the mystery of Mr. Alias’ true identity, Lady Penelope and her fellow Time Lords of Avalon must put together the last pieces of the puzzle – a stolen watch, a lost TARDIS and a forgotten name.

Episode7: New Lives
The times, they are a-changing – and so are the Time Lords of Avalon. Drax finally gets a new body, a new self and a new TARDIS, Mortimus gets a new destiny and, last but not least, Penelope gets a new travelling companion in the person of the aforementioned Time Lord.

Episode8: Friends & Foes
For Penelope, it was supposed to be a nice Saturday evening in 2013 before a new series of adventures in time and space. For the Master’s daughter, it was the final phase of a fiendish plan. Featuring Torchwood and the Cyberman formerly known as Yvonne Hartman.   

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