Friday, October 12, 2012

Lady Penelope's Odyssey: Historical Personages

Over the course of our four seasons of play, Lady Penelope has met a fair number of famous (and not-so-famous) historical characters. Here is the full list (in order of appearance), with their Wikipedia links. Asterisks indicate characters whom Penelope met several times or took on board of her TARDIS. One of them is even given two asterisks, because he actually travelled through time and space with our Time Lady several episodes!

Dr John Dee * (and his devoted daughter Mary)

King Arthur * (OK, semi-historical), Galven * (Gawaine) and Bedwyr * (Bedivere)

Emperor Nero

King Richard III, Lady Anne Neville and Lady Elizabeth Woodville

Jack the Ripper (the real one!)

King James I and his favourite Robert Carr

Francis Bacon *

Christopher Marlowe **

William Shakespeare * and Thomas Kyd

Thomas Harriot (as well as an alternate universe version)

Richard Baines

King Charles I and Sir Walter Raleigh (well, she saw their executions...)

Oliver Cromwell *

Bram Stoker and his wife Florence

Arthur Conan Doyle, E.W. Hornung and George Cecil Ives

Sir Henry Irving and Dame Ellen Terry

Cassandra of Troy (more mythical than historical)

Lord Byron*, Percy Shelley, Mary Shelley *, John Polidori and Claire Clairmont

Leigh Hunt

Gustav Klimt, Egon Schiele and Emilie Louise Flöge

Sigmund Freud*, Carl Jung and Otto Rank

King Philip II of Spain (alternate universe)

Lady Anne Stanley (alternate universe, where she becomes the new Virgin Queen, after Elizabeth)

King Henry III of France (alternate universe)

Sir Francis Drake (alternate universe)

Ada Byron*, Charles Babbage, Lady Anne Isabella Byron and William King-Noel, earl of Lovelace

Archduke Franz Ferdinand, Duchess Sophie and Gavrilo Princip (just a quick glimpse at Sarajevo)

Baron Roman von Ungern Sternberg (if you've never heard about him, you've got to check this guy)

Grygory Semenov, Ferdynand Ossendowski and Kamil Gyzicki (no Wikipedia page for him...)

Georges Méliès

Rasputin (actually an illusory disguise of the Black Guardian)

King Louis XIV of France (in his teens) and his mother Queen Anne

Le Chevalier d'Herblay (aka "Aramis" - semi-fictional) and Cyrano de Bergerac

Aristotle and Epicurus

(I don't think I've forgotten anyone...)

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