Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Season 4, Episodes 6-8

Episode 6: Full Circle
The Cardiff Rift, Torchwood, the Time Agency, Jack Harkness and the Last Time War – all pieces of the great temporal conundrum finally fall into place as the fates of the Doctor and Lady Penelope come full circle. Oh, and Lady Penelope dies, too. Long live the Time Lady!

Episode 7: Hesperis
Following her recent regeneration, Penelope takes some time off on the peaceful and serene world of Hesperis – a place of simple harmony and contemplative tranquility… or is it? What secrets lie hidden beneath the surface of Hesperis – or buried in its not-so-ancient past?

Episode 8: Of Truth and Time
In the wake of a star whale, Penelope discovers two of the best-kept secrets of the universe, but that’s only the beginning of the tale - a tale of memories and mathematics, of truth and time, of things past, present and parallel. Featuring Ada Lovelace and Mary Shelley.  

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