Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Campaign Notes: Our Third Season (first episodes)

So, we've started the third season of Lady Penelope's Odyssey a few weeks ago. Here are the blurbs of the first three episodes we've played:

Episode 1: Demons of the Mind

Lady Penelope goes on holiday in 1909 Vienna, immerses herself in the local Zeitgeist, meets Klimt, Schiele, Freud, Jung - and foils the dark designs of her old enemies the Lloigor…

Episode 2: Age of the Captain

Back in the 2010s, Penelope discovers the link between the future of the Torchwood Institute and the past of the Time Agency – and finally gets to meet Captain Jack Harkness!

Episode 3: The Sycorax Situation

Having driven off the Hounds of Tindalos from the streets of Cardiff, Penelope travels with Captain Jack through the Rift, encounters an alien horde - and faces a life-affecting choice.

I've also decided to give a title to each season - a title reflecting the overall theme or "arch" of the season. So, season 1 was First Steps, season 2 was Time Lady... and season 3 will be known as The Web of Time (a phrase which will feature as a Bad Wolf-like meme in each episode, culminating in the final two-parter).

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