Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Campaign Notes : Our Second Season (so far)

So far, lack of time (ah ah) has prevented me from posting more detailed accounts of our scenarios. I've not given up on that idea, however, and will try to convince Sylvie (Lady Penelope's player) to help me write some actual-play stuff from our ongoing campaign - perhaps as some sort of journal entries. In the meantime, here are the two-line blurbs for the first five episodes of our second season, using the same format as in this previous post.

Episode 1: Space Princess
In which Lady Penelope experiences the joys of a 25th century luxury space cruise, including high-stakes gambling, dinner at the captain's table and, of course, an attack by space pirates.

Episode 2: For Queen and Planet
A most adventurous journey from a cursed temple in India to the farthest-reaching colony of the British Empire - the mysterious planet Mura. And yes, it all happened in 1894.

Episode 3: Operation Strikeback
There is no Mission:Impossible when you can jump back in time. Lady Penelope faces Felicity Warburton, the Triumvirate's Time Assassin, and saves Britain's future - again!

Episode 4: All Yesterday's Tomorrows
New York, 1933. Nikita Nova, inventress extraordinaire, is testing her new teleportation machine... but who the Hell is Nikita Nova and how come she looks so much like Lady Penelope?

Episode 5:The Doctor and the Angel
London, 1608. The Angel of Death has extended his dark wings over the city, heralding the reign of an even greater Terror. The dying Dr Dee sends a desperate call through Time...

That's all, folks - for now!

Next session/episode : Saturday!


  1. John Dee, you say? The Angel Of Death, you say? Oooh.

    (And is Space Princess borrowing anything from Riders Of The Maelstrom? Seeing how a Star Wars adventure adapts to Doctor Who would be interesting.)

  2. Hello Craig ! :)

    I haven't read "Riders of the Maelstrom" - but similarities are probably unavoidable when you transfer classic pirate tropes in space. "Space Princess" was really a classic pirate story with a few Whoesque twists. As for John Dee, well, I've always liked this character and found him very "Whoesque" too - he had already appeared in the heroine's prelude episode (a single, short scene) but I wanted to use him again as the catalyst of an adventure. As for the "Angel of Death", it was actually a psychomorphic manifestation of the unconscious (and not so unconscious) collective fears of 1608 London, animated by the evil Lloigor (yes, I've integrated them in my campaign - so far, as invisible forces acting behind the scenes).